Antagosoft connects
digital products
with vetted
offshore developers

It's like forming your own team. But better. Because all the
dirty work is on us.




/01 get access to the network of battle-tested developers. both fun teams and rugged individuals

/02 Zero recruiting and HR costs

/03 It's a match! You'll be provided with developers that will do perfectly in terms of hard skills, soft skills and cultural fit

/04 Stay flexible with team size and composition. "scale them up and scale them down"

/05 Stay flexible with team size and composition. "Scale them up and scale them down"

/06 flexibility in the core. If something goes wrong it's just a matter of one call

/07 guarantee of a high level of security control and gdpr compliance
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can't do business

because you lack

of tech experts?

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how to start

/01 step
intro call with us
you provide us with requirements, we provide you with developers. it's that easy
/02 step
tech call with a dev
you provide developers with tricky questions, they provide you with the right answers. it's that easy
/03 step
final call & we go getting things done
you provide.. ok, i think you got it xD
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tech stack

frontend Vue, Vuex / Pinia, Nuxt, React, Redux / MobХ, Next, Angular, Typescript, Vuetify, MaterialUI, Bootstrap

backend Php, Laravel, Symfony,Node, Express, Nest,Python, Django, FastAPI, Flask,Ruby on Rails,MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

mobile React Native, Flutter

qa Selenium, Codecept, Cypress Puppeteer
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explore our work
to see us in action


Immigration project

Getting the U.S. visa simplified web app

Apply for the U.S. national interest exception, DS-160, and ESTA online

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Mask space

Masks oriented social network / mobile app

Venetian carnival on your phone. hide your face under hundreds of masks and don’t judge someone by their looks

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Transportation management system for B2B cargo carriage / web app

TMS is the marketplace that dynamically responds to business processes and objectives, streamlining transportation management processes to ensure competitive prices, shorter lead times, and enhanced operational efficiency

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Psychological counseling platform / mobile app

Healthhub is a platform where users meet talented mental health professionals. the application offers a wide range of consultants to choose from and 24/7 customer support

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Rail terminal

Rail terminal

Management system for rail terminal / web app

The erp optimizes all systems of the rail terminal and provides real-time visibility and tracking of the entire delivery process for better monitoring and control

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Park your car / mobile app

With parking, users can search for and reserve parking spots in advance, pay for parking through the app and extend their parking session.

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Open collaboration platform for students and businesses / BA/UX/UI

Disso provides tools and resources to enable real interaction and create meaningful solutions

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Ryan Fyfe
"Antagosoft’s involvement has facilitated an increased ability to manage several internal projects simultaneously. Efficient, flexible, and responsive with a practical approach, the team scales quickly as necessary, integrates seamlessly with the in-house team, and adapts well to ongoing changes."
Linford Bacon
CEO & Co-Founder,
"Antagosoft continues to impress the client with their high-quality work and quick turnaround time. Flexible and collaborative, they lead regular meetings and are quick to adapt to the client's tools and work style. Their exceptional performance has broadened the scope of the engagement."
Scott Wilson
Head of Product, AEI Music
"Antagosoft completed all deliverables within the agreed timeline. They provided and followed accurate estimations and maintained a smooth communication flow. Their ability to provide excellent resources with no hassle was commendable."
Dave Chiu
Managing Director, Teafolks
"Antagosoft was transparent with their progress and effectively communicated tasks and responsibilities. Although the design process took longer than expected, the finished product met expectations. Customers can expect professional, detailed project management."
Vladimir Cvejanovic
CTO, StockStudio
“Exhibiting a high level of enthusiasm and commitment, Antagosoft was receptive to feedback throughout. They communicated effectively and were quick to adapt to the client's processes. Above all, their quick turnaround time and excellent project management and problem-solving skills stood out.”
Aaron Braich
Co-Founder, Toggled
“The prototype received positive feedback from the external stakeholders and is currently being used to seek investment. Antagosoft was always on time and was always friendly and productive. Their collaborative approach impressed the client.”
let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together /
let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together / let’s work together /

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