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Web development & Smart outsourcing

We are here to help you get the best out of the web development

About us

Antagosoft is the Ukrainian web-company. We are the people, who has ardent desire to make our world a little bit better using computer technologies.
We are real internet-geeks with an expertise in:
1) Web-development:
- Front-end programming (JS / Angular / React / jQuery / HTML / CSS / responsive / mobile friendly);
- Back-end programming (php-frameworks Yii2 and Laravel; WordPress);
2) Technical support, content service, seo-optimisation.

Antagosoft was founded in June 2010 and since then we made over 300 projects. Our main value is high service and code qualities

Our advantages:
• Customer orientation
From the time we are start working together we became your partners: if you need it we would advise you how to make the best out of your project. Results we are providing are so good that you would advise us to all your friends. True story.

• Competent project management processes.
First things first. Our experience allows us to avoid as many mistakes as possible. You already know there is no any silver bullets so we'll make your project using our wide experience in project management. You will be glad working with our people.

• Wide experience
7 years of experience means we have made hundreds of projects, have written millions code lines. There were many sleepless nights before releases. Experience we gained while solving huge amount of different problems taught us to work on the highest level.

Web development

Web sites, web services, single-page apps, ecommerce, CRM and ERP - we are able to make everything you may need, using Yii2 or Laravel frameworks


Making your project on the Antagosoft base is a winning partnership. We'll choose the motivated team special for your project requirements

Tech support
and IT-consulting

No matter whether you've already got a project or we'll make it together, you are getting complete informational and technical support

Our services

Analysis and interface design:
- project concept, business-model canvas;
- specification;
- design the interface.

- responsive markup and high quality front-end development;
- back-end using php-frameworks Yii2 and Laravel;
- CMS WordPress, Opencart, Joomla;
- 3rd party integrations;
- manual and automated testing.

- website design;
- landing design;
- creating the logos;
- branding.

- quality and stable site perfomance assurance;
- content works;
- optimisations;
- consulting.


We've made about 300 projects for now. Check out some of them

Why is it safe and reliable to work with us

Narrow specialization

We are focusing on the web-development and support only. So we are doing this really well

High quality, shortest development time

Our experience allows us not to make the bulk mistakes that nine times out of ten will steal your time


Updates are once a week or every day. You will integrate to the team and our scrum-based project management methodology

Always in touch

Despite the distance we are close at hand. Ukraine is in really convenient time zone to work with the USA and Europe

Our clients

Meet the team

Admit it, you are on this section because you just want to look at our girls :)

7 years experience
300 projects
10 professionals

Antagosoft is the best start for your business

Our focus is the web development and it outsourcing. We are providing the development of landing-page, e-commerce platforms, web-portals, CRM, ERP, web-portfolios, corporate resources and startups. Your business will grow with our help.

Our main advantages are strong technical expertise, customer orientation, wide experience, effective project management processes and high passion to our work. Our competence is recognized by more than hundreds of clients from USA, UAE, Russia, Spain and Canada.

We are using agile methodologies particularly scrum. We are focusing on transparency, providing fast first demo and going with small iterations. This is risk-free process for you so you wouldn't worry about the results. We are having fun here doing our job right. We assure you will enjoy the process working with us!