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Antagosoft is your design team standing behind your product success. are you thinking about complex SaaS PWA ERP, or a simple landing page design?

no matter, we got you covered.


design services


custom web ux/ui design

overcome business challenges and fuel your growth with user‑centered design solutions.

at Antagosoft, we design web applications that deliver peak value to your users and thus inevitably boost your sales.

ux audit & redesign

you deserve a product that will turn into the next big thing!

low conversion rates make you cry at night? Let us share your pain, but we won't just pat on your shoulder preaching "there, there". we'll make a ux audit to find ways to improve your website.

Antagosoft designers will draw up the look and feel of your website as it was originally intended to be.


design from scratch

imagine the retention rate of your app is solid enough to make you jump for joy.

then try to avoid cookie-cutter solutions. your audience is unique so the more individualized design is, the more wow effects it has, the better users' impression will be.
the higher retention will be. the higher chances that your start jumping for joy. verified.

full redesign

mobile apps should be selling.
if yours does not perform, it's high time to make a deep ux audit, and cure all problematic areas. we'll define what blocks you on the way to greater success and re-create your mobile app to a flawless piece that your users will enjoy using.


product design concept

2-step process:

  • test the market and validate your ideas

  • convince stakeholders


there may be more people, but the holy trinity looks like this:

  • business analyst – knows "why". e.g. why on earth should the new product be created.

  • ux/ui designer – knows "how". turn the clear vision into clear mockups in figma.

  • project manager – knows "what" and generally keeps the ball rollin'.


developing web and mobile apps is about so much more than marketing alone. it's also about user experience, interface, aesthetics, and being modern.

if you have your own development team and just want to expand it with some bright individuals, you are all set.

Antagosoft provides you with a bunch of talents to get things done. on full-time, part-time, hourly, or "you name it" basis.


explore our work
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TMS platform and electronic queue systems for industrial complexes.

BA / UX/UI Design / Web Development / Continuous support

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Rail Terminal

The ERP optimizes all systems of the rail terminal and provides real-time visibility and tracking of the entire delivery process for better monitoring and control.

BA / UX/UI Design / Web Development

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Smart Parking

With smart parking, users can search for and reserve parking spots in advance, pay for parking through the app and extend their parking session.

BA / UX/UI Design

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AI based form service

Getting the U.S. visa simplified. Apply for the U.S. National interest exception, DS-160, and ESTA online.

BA / UX/UI Design / Web Development

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Mask Space

Masks oriented social network. Venetian carnival on your phone. Hide your face under hundreds of masks and don’t judge someone by their looks.

BA / UX/UI Design / Mobile Development

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Health Hub

Healthhub is a mobile app that offers a wide range of psychological consultants to choose from.

UX/UI Design / Mobile Development

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Disso is an open collaboration platform that provides tools and resources to enable real interaction and create meaningful solutions.

BA / UX/UI Design

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“Antagosoft’s involvement has facilitated an increased ability to manage several internal projects simultaneously. Efficient, flexible, and responsive with a practical approach, the team scales quickly as necessary, integrates seamlessly with the in-house team, and adapts well to ongoing changes.”
“Antagosoft continues to impress the client with their high-quality work and quick turnaround time. Flexible and collaborative, they lead regular meetings and are quick to adapt to the client's tools and work style. Their exceptional performance has broadened the scope of the engagement.”
“Antagosoft completed all deliverables within the agreed timeline. They provided and followed accurate estimations and maintained a smooth communication flow. Their ability to provide excellent resources with no hassle was commendable.”
“Antagosoft was transparent with their progress and effectively communicated tasks and responsibilities. Although the design process took longer than expected, the finished product met expectations. Customers can expect professional, detailed project management.”
Vladimir Cvejanovic
CTO, StockStudio
“Exhibiting a high level of enthusiasm and commitment, Antagosoft was receptive to feedback throughout. They communicated effectively and were quick to adapt to the client's processes. Above all, their quick turnaround time and excellent project management and problem-solving skills stood out.”
“The prototype received positive feedback from the external stakeholders and is currently being used to seek investment. Antagosoft was always on time and was always friendly and productive. Their collaborative approach impressed the client.”
Web design & development/Mobile Apps/UX/UI Design/Dedicated team/Web design & development/Mobile Apps/UX/UI Design/Dedicated team/
Web design & development/Mobile Apps/UX/UI Design/Dedicated team/Web design & development/Mobile Apps/UX/UI Design/Dedicated team/
During a 15-minute call, you will learn what we can do for you and also get a free project assessment from a team with 13 years of experience.
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